Medical Compress Cotton Wool Bandage Roll Absorbent Odorless 500g

Τόπος καταγωγής Κίνα
Μάρκα OEM
Πιστοποίηση CE,ISO
Αριθμό μοντέλου BSCR009
Ποσότητα παραγγελίας min 1,000-1,999 κλ, 2.000+ κλ
Τιμή negotiable
Συσκευασία λεπτομέρειες Εσωτερική τσάντα PE Εξωτερικό χαρτοκιβώτιο
Χρόνος παράδοσης 15~20 εργάσιμες ημέρες
Όροι πληρωμής L/C, T/T, Western Union
Δυνατότητα προσφοράς 5000 τόνοι/έτη
Χαρακτήρες Odorless ΑΞΊΑ PH 5.5-7.5
Λευκότητα 83-95 Μήκος ινών 1316mm
certification CE,ISO Πρότυπο BSCR009
Υψηλό φως

Absorbent Cotton Wool Bandage Roll


500g Cotton Wool Bandage Roll


7.5pH Medical Cotton Wool Roll

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Medical Compress Absorbent Cotton Fabric Wool Roll 500g


The cotton cotton wool can be used or processed in a variety of was, to make cotton ball, cotton bandages, medical cotton pad and so on, can also be used to pack wounds and in other surgical tasks after sterilization. It is suitable for cleaning and swabbing wounds, for applying cosmetics. Economical and convenient for Clinic, Dental, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.



1, Made from 100% high quality cotton, bleached, with high absorbency capacity

2, Soft and conforming, widely used in medical treatment or hospital works

3, Type:roll type

4, Color: white

5, Size:50g, 100g, 150g, 200g, 250g, 400g, 500g, 1000g or customerized

6, Packing:1 roll / blue kraft paper or polybag



Product Name: Cotton Roll
Material: 100% Cotton
Weight: 25g,50g,100g,250g,300g,500g,1000g,4000g
Industrial Standard: YY/T0330-2015
Color: white
Humidity: 8% max
PH Value: 5.5-7.5
Certificate: CE/ISO13485/FDA
Whiteness: 85-93
Characters: odorless
Fiber Length: 13-16mm
Specific Water Absorption: 23g/min
Surface Active Substances: 2mm max



25g ø5.5*8cm 200rolls/ctn 56*35*28cm
50g ø5.5*10cm 200rolls/ctn 42*27*47cm
100g ø6.5*13cm 100rolls/ctn 62*28*32cm
250g ø8*20cm 600rolls/ctn 50*32*42cm
500g ø9.5*30cm 25rolls/ctn 50*32*50cm
500g ø9.5*30cm 30rolls/ctn 57*30.5*47cm
1000g ø13*35cm 20rolls/ctn 64*35*50cm


We provide OEM service, which means the packing and printing could be customized
Your requirement is the direction we move forward!



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